Terms & Conditions

Please read and agree to these Terms and Conditions of use before using rewave Inc’s services or subscribing. This agreement is between the subscriber (user) and the service provider, rewave Inc. The terms and conditions listed govern subscriber’s use of the telecommunications, this Internet site, and/or Internet products, long-distance, and all other services offered. At all times subscriber uses this website, or any service listed, subscriber accepts, acknowledges, and signifies that subscriber has read, understood, and agrees to be accountable to these terms and conditions of use. These terms and conditions may be changed and/or updated without notice. This page covers conditions applicable to all services.



1. The Use of https://www.rewave.ca and its Services:
rewave Inc.’s site and Services offered may only be used by any person who has reached the age of majority and who is legally applicable to form legal contracts. If under the legal age of majority in the jurisdiction in which you live, subscriber must have a parent or legal guardian subscribe to the Service on their behalf. rewave Inc. reserves the right to terminate/suspend any account providing inaccurate or Incomplete information at any time. You agree: (i) to not involve, impede, or obstruct other users of the Service; (ii) to not impersonate or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person/entity while using the Service; (iii) to not use the Service with intent of a criminal offense or violation of the rights of any party; (iv) to not use the Service to communicate unsolicited messages; and (v) to not use the Service for any debasing, derogatory, unlawful, slanderous, pornographic, harassing, abusive, threatening, or otherwise harmful purpose(s).


2. Liability Limitation
rewave Inc. has zero control over the content passing over rewave Inc.’s network. Use of any information obtained via rewave Inc. is at User’s risk. Neither rewave Inc., nor any of rewave Inc.’s affiliates, licensers, contractors, or their employees warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted, like all other ISPs (Internet Service Providers).  


3. Terms of Subscription
rewave Inc. services are offered on a month-to-month subscription basis. Services shall be deemed to begin on the date on which rewave Inc. activates your Service and will end at the end of that month. Unless stated differently by subscriber, subscription will renew automatically without further action by subscriber unless notice is provided to rewave Inc. as per the Right to Cancel section. An address change is subject to a $39.95 reactivation fee. Further installation charges may apply in exceptional circumstances. Further installation fees are in addition to and not part of, regular service fees.


4. All Service Fees

4. a)
Charges and fees for each Service is set out in the description of each Service or bundled Services at https://www.rewave.ca.

4. b)
Additional charges applicable to Services, which may include activation or access fees, is listed at https://www.rewave.ca.

4. c)
rewave reserves the right to adjust fees without notice to subscriber. Subscriber’s continued use of the Service after any adjustment in fees shall constitute subscriber’s acceptance of any adjustment in fees.

4. d)
All charges and fees will be charged to subscriber monthly and will be paid in accordance to the payment methods set up in subscriber’s customer account.

4. e) Charges for services are non-refundable. If subscriber pays monthly or annually and terminates service prior to the end of the month or year, case dependent, there will not be refunds for amounts already paid.

4. f) Subscriber receipts and invoices are sent to the email account subscriber provided at sign-up.

g) If rewave Inc. is not able to collect payment(s) for any reason, subscriber’s access to the services will be suspended until payment has been processed successfully. This Includes all outstanding amounts Incurred while service was suspended. A reactivation fee of $39.95 will be charged for the re-activation of any suspended account.
4. h) rewave Inc. reserves the right to terminate subscriber access to services if a balance is outstanding for more than ten (10) days if subscriber has failed to contact rewave Inc. with intent to resolve balance. rewave attempts to provide three (3) or more business days notice of disconnect to subscriber.

4. i)Unbilled, or underbilled charge will be payable by subscriber when correctly adjusted. rewave may bill for charges up to one (1) year from date charge was Incurred.


4.1. Credit Card Payments and Fees

4.1. a) If subscriber’s credit card expires, billing address changes, or credit card is cancelled/ replaced as a result of loss or theft, please advise rewave Inc. as soon as possible.

4.1. b) Subscriber must notify rewave Inc. in writing within ten (10) days of credit card statement for disputes of rewave Inc.’s charges on said statement or dispute will be deemed waived. Please direct billing disputes to billing@rewave.ca.

4.1. c)
 Subscriber’s initial use of service authorizes rewave Inc. to charge subscriber’s credit card account number filed with rewave for charges and taxes. This authorization will remain valid for sixty (60) days after subscription of services termination date provided to rewave.

4.1. d) If a credit card payment fails, a $5 administrative charge will be applicable if payment is not made by due date, as stated on invoice. This administrative charge will be reflected on the consecutive month’s invoice.

4.1. e) If a chargeback is initiated, rewave Inc. reserves the right to charge $35.00 to cover administrative and processing costs of the chargeback. If the chargeback is deemed invalid, rewave Inc. reserves the right to dispute and reverse the chargeback. In addition, rewave Inc. may suspend services if the chargeback puts subscriber’s account in state of delinquency.
4.1. f) If subscriber’s account is suspended/deactivated due to non-payment, rewave Inc. reserves the right to charge the credit card account on file for balance owing, Including applicable taxes and fees.


4.2. Preauthorized Debit Fees (PAD)

4.2. a) PAD payments are processed on the 25th of each month. On days when these dates fall on holidays, allow up to two (2) business days for PAD processing.

4.2. b)
 If a PAD payment fails, an NSF fee of $20 will be charged to subscriber’s account.

4.2. c)
 Subscriber use of PAD payment indicates agreement with all terms outlined in the signed rewave Inc. PAD agreement.

4.2. d)
 PAD payments are automated through Canadian Financial Institutions. If subscriber is unable to make regular payments on date of payment, please call rewave Inc.’s billing department to arrange alternate payment.


4.3. Bill Payments
4.3. a) A $5 administrative charge will apply if payment is not made by due date, as stated on invoice. This administrative charge will be reflected on the consecutive month’s invoice.


4.4. Networking Fees

4.4. a) Some rural locations may require additional networking fees for rewave Inc. DSL services. These fees can range from $5 to $25 monthly, depending on distance from subscriber’s address to the serving equipment location. The subscriber will be notified of all networking fees prior to activation of service, at which point the subscriber may choose to continue with activation or cancel services for full refund.


5. Website Information Accuracy
Rewave Inc. endeavors to provide accurate and up-to-date information. In the event that a typo or other error occurs, rewave Inc. reserves the right correct such misprint without liability to rewave Inc.  


6. Website and Service Termination of Use
6. a) At any time, and for any reason, rewave Inc. reserves the right in its discretion to terminate or restrict subscriber access to website and services without notice. rewave Inc. may terminate or restrict service if payment is delinquent or service is abused. rewave Inc. deems abuse as: (i) using service for telemarketing purposes. (ii) using service for prank calling. (iii) using service for autodialing, modem or faxing (Including, fax broadcasting and fax blasting); (iv) using services for anything other than expected residential use.


6. b)In some cases, rewave Inc. may terminate access to service by providing subscriber with ten (10) days notice. rewave Inc. may then refund subscriber a pro-rated amount of any prepaid amounts received prior based on the amount of time remaining in the prepaid term.


 7. Right to Cancel
7. a) Subscriber may discontinue rewave Inc. services for any reason, at any time, with notice as defined below: (i) Request to cancel must be made via telephone. (ii) For monthly subscriptions, subscriber should use best efforts to notify rewave Inc. to provide a minimum of ten (10) business days notice. Cancellations will occur at the end of the current billing cycle. (iii) There will be no refunds for cancellations if service has been delivered.
 7. b) Subscriber agrees that service may be disconnected at any time on the disconnection date. If the requested disconnect date falls on a weekend/holiday, date of disconnection will be made the prior business day.


8. Privacy at rewave Inc.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions of Use, subscriber consents to rewave Inc.’s collection and use of personal information in accordance with Rewave Inc.’s Privacy Policy without notice or liability to subscriber or any other person  


9. Website and Services are Provided As it Stands rewave Inc.’s website and services are provided as available, and without any representations of any kind. The operation of website and services can be impacted by many factors beyond the control of rewave Inc. Privacy and security risks cannot be eliminated. rewave Inc. may restrict destinations deemed to result in fraudulent abuse of rewave Inc.’s network.


10. Limitation of Liability and Damages Waiver
rewave Inc. cannot guarantee completely uninterrupted operation of services, nor shall it be liable for failures, interruption or breakdown of service in the network or any other network or connection involved in the use of services regardless of cause and interruption time. rewave Inc. and its affiliates, employees, agents or representatives do not make any warranty, representation, or guarantee of any nature regarding any service, product or rewave Inc. facilities provided by Rewave Inc. to subscriber, either express or implied, Including without limitation, those relating to: (i) Fitness for a specific purpose or merchantability; (ii) Network transmission capacity; (iii) The security of any transaction; (iv) The fault tolerance of services or suitability of same for high risk activities; or (v) The reliability and compatibility of the rewave Inc. facilities/equipment or software of third parties which may be used by rewave Inc. in providing, or by subscriber in using the services and all warranties and representations/conditions, express or implied, are permitted by applicable law, hereby excluded. The subscriber agrees that subscriber has not received nor relied upon any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee made by rewave Inc.



11. User Information
rewave Inc. will not publish subscriber’s name and will not make such information available to third parties, unless required by court order.


12. Non-transferable
The right to use rewave Inc. service is non-transferable.



13. Intellectual Property Notices
Copyright © 2018 rewave Inc., rewave Inc. at 45 Dundas Street, Dartmouth NS, rights reserved.


14. Notice of Intellectual Property
a) The website, the service and all content, images, software, icons, applications, design, and other elements available on/through rewave Inc.’s website and provided in correlation with services are the property of rewave Inc., and others, and are protected by Canadian and international copyright, trademark, and other laws. Subscriber’s use of rewave Inc.’s website and service does not transfer any ownership or other rights in the website or its content and services to the subscriber. “Rewave Inc.”, together with all integrated logos, slogans, and graphics, is a trademark of rewave Inc., and must not be utilized or reproduced without rewave Inc.’s prior written permission.
14. b) Other company names, products, and logos that appear on the website may be registered or unregistered trade-names, trade-marks and service-marks of their owners. Any use of these trade-names, trade-marks and/or service-marks and logos displayed on the rewave Inc. website is prohibited.


15. Governing Law
The Terms and Conditions of use, subscriber’s use of the website and services, any and all related matters are governed solely by the laws of the Province of Nova Scotia and applicable federal laws of Canada.



16. Force Majeure
Neither subscriber nor company will be liable for breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use, nor for failure in performance resulting from any cause beyond each party’s control, Including, and not limited to, storm, flood, fire, lockout, strike or other workforce trouble, war, rebellion, riot, accident, blackout, acts of God, or any failure of third-party suppliers.


17. Contact Information
Please direct any questions regarding these Terms and Conditions of Use or the general website to rewave Inc. support’s phone at 902-XXX-XXXX, or email to info@rewave.ca.



18. Failure to Comply
rewave Inc. may deny subscriber access to services without notice if subscriber engages in conduct or activities that violate any of the terms and conditions in this agreement as rewave Inc., in its sole discretion, believes.



19. Shipping and Handling
The cost of shipping is not Included with any orders or returns, unless stated otherwise. The subscriber agrees to pay for all shipping/handling of equipment, in addition to all fees for service. General shipping cost is $10 unless specifically stated differently.



20. Miscellaneous
a) Subscriber agrees to notify rewave Inc., if subscriber changes civic address, mailing address or phone number, and to report a legal name, postal address, and telephone number.
20. b) Accounts are created with receipt of payment. Billing period starts on date of service installation. Rewave Inc. invoices one (1) month in advance, with the exception of per-minute long-distance usage, which is billed on the first of each consecutive month. Services require payment via credit card only. Call rewave Inc. at 902-XXX-XXXX for alternative payment methods. The subscriber is responsible for updating any information on his/her rewave Inc. account


21. Rewave Inc. Long-Distance Terms
a) Subscriber indemnifies rewave Inc. and its partners for any penalties or charges received as a result of using the service improperly, i.e., calling the long-distance access number for any service. Subscriber may access and utilize services solely for subscriber’s own residential and personal use. Service is to be used for voice purposes only. Subscriber may not transfer or resell service to other person(s) for any purpose or charge other person(s) for the use rewave Inc. services. This service does not support: (i) “011” calling, except where specified on the rates page; (ii) “1-900”, “1-976” number calling; or (iii) “311”, “411”, or other x11 services in any service areas, with the exception of e911; (iv) operator assistance calling. 


22. Rewave Inc. High Speed Internet Prohibited Uses

  • 22. a) The subscriber may not send spam when dialed into the rewave Inc. network. The following types of email sent constitute as spam:
  • 22. b) forged e-mails to/from address other than from actual sender, or to actual recipient;
  • 22. c) message subject not related to email body;
  • 22. d) email not requested by the recipient;
  • 22. e) emails sent in bulk by sender;
  • 22. f) mail bombs;
    22. g) transmit objectionable information which contains a virus, cancelbot, Trojan horse, worm or another harmful component;
    22. h) allow users to run any form auto-responds from subscriber’s account;
    22. i) the unauthorized use of Relay Servers. Subscriber agrees that any unauthorized use of any e-mail server for the purposes of relaying or distributing messages is prohibited;
    22. j) purposeful alteration or fraudulent addressing. The subscriber may not intentionally misrepresent information of any e-mail messages sent while using rewave Inc. service.


23. Installation
23. a) rewave Inc. strives to deliver and install high-speed Internet service by estimated activation date. However, delays can occur due to external factors, i.e., subscriber’s availability or the acts of third-party suppliers/providers. rewave Inc. cannot guarantee services will be delivered and installed by a specific activation date.
23. b) Subscriber’s demarcation point for the high-speed services shall be a general location where all external wiring feeds terminate and connect with inside wiring owned by subscriber. High-speed Internet services will be installed up to the subscriber demarcation point.
23. c) rewave Inc. is not responsible for any equipment/wiring beyond the demarcation point, with the exception of rewave Inc.’s subscriber premise equipment, i.e. rewave Inc. supplied modem.
23. d) rewave Inc. is not responsible for configuration of customer premise equipment (CPE) above and beyond standard configuration. Rewave Inc. is not responsible for configuration of customer-owned devices (CPE, laptops, PCs, etc.).
23. e) Additional wiring and/or termination of circuits past the subscriber demarcation point will be the subscriber’s sole responsibility. In the event the subscriber requests other wiring work to be performed by rewave Inc., this work will be performed by a rewave Inc. authorized installer and will be invoiced to the subscriber by the rewave Inc. authorized installer.


24. Credits for Service Interruption
a) If services are interrupted for more than a period of 24 hours after the subscriber notifies rewave Inc., a credit equal to 1/30th of any fixed billing cycle charges for the affected service will apply to every full 24 hour period during which the interruption remains. Credit in any billing period will not exceed the total average monthly charges for that period for the affected service. Credits will not apply to any non-recurring or usage charges. The subscriber’s sole and exclusive remedy for service interruption will be the credit as outlined above.
24. b) The subscriber must request credit within thirty (30) days of any validated interruption. Without this request, the subscriber forever waives right to any credit for that outage. Rewave Inc. will in its sole and absolute discretion, determine if an interruption is considered a validated interruption.
24. c) Multiples resolutions will at no time be provided to the subscriber for a single event. Subscriber payables must be current prior to the subscriber receiving credits.
24.d) No credits are provided for interruptions due to the following:

  • 24. e) the failure of any component, equipment, wiring, network or system provided by subscriber or third party;
  • 24. f) network maintenance by rewave Inc.;
  • 24. g) Force Majeure events;
  • 24. h) omissions or acts, negligent or otherwise, by subscriber or third-party, or any breach of the terms and conditions of use by the subscriber of the service agreement or any schedules or addenda attached at any time.


25. Information Technology Master Plan (ITMP)
rewave Inc.’s fair share policy endeavors to provide its customers with a better Internet experience.

rewave Inc., like many ISPs in Canada, may occasionally be required to manage its network so that no application, service or subscriber consumes more than their fair share of bandwidth of which to impede the utilization and enjoyment of other subscribers.

rewave Inc.’s fair share policy strives to improve each subscriber’s online experience. Improved performance can be noted with: Email Applications, “Real-Time” Browser Applications, Internet Radio, Streaming Instant Messaging (IM), Online Gaming, Netflix, Youtube, etc. in addition, “client-server” downloads Including and not limited to software updates, iTunes, and Microsoft Windows updates.


The fair share policy exists to ensure the best quality Internet is available to the maximum number of subscribers. Rewave Inc. continues to update and ensure this policy is up to date, regularly.


26. VOIP Voice Service
26. a) Service Availability
Subscriber may qualify for VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Voice Services, depending on subscriber address. Qualification must be verified by contacting Rewave Inc. customer service.


27. Enhanced 911 (E911) Service

Important 9-1-1 Information 

We want to make sure that you are aware of important differences in the way 9-1-1 service operates with a VoIP phone when compared with traditional telephone service. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:


With traditional phone services, your 9-1-1 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With VoIP phone service, your 9-1-1 call is forwarded to a third-party service provider that will automatically or manually route your call to the emergency response centre.


Because you can move your VoIP phone between locations and because, for technical reasons, the emergency operator may not have your name, location or contact information available, you must immediately inform the emergency operator of your location and contact particulars any time you call 9-1-1. Do not risk sending police or ambulance services to the wrong location.


VoIP phone service depends not only on your continued subscription (and payment) for the service, but also on Internet connectivity and power to function. In the event of power, network, or Internet outages (including congestion), or if your service is disconnected or suspended due to non-payment, you may experience a failure, disruption or delay in your 9-1-1 service. We recommend that you keep an alternative phone service (such as a cellular telephone) handy to increase the reliability of your access to emergency services during any service interruption.


Until you are told to do so by an emergency dispatcher, do not disconnect your 9-1-1 call. If you are inadvertently disconnected, call back immediately.


Rewave Inc.  will attempt to provide the emergency operator with your service address, so please ensure that your information on file with us is always accurate and updated. If you do not do this (for example, if you are unable to speak during a 9-1-1 call), the emergency operator may assume that you are calling from the last registered address. Customers may update location information by filling out and submitting a form that can be accessed at: www.rewave.ca/changeaddress . Customers may also update location information by contacting Rewave Inc. by email at support@rewave.ca or by calling 877-REWAVE-0.


You must notify members of your household and other potential users of your VoIP phone service of the nature and limitations of 9-1-1 emergency calls. To make this easier, attach the included stickers in a visible location on your telephone sets.


Rewave Inc.’s terms of service limit and disclaim liability related to VoIP 9-1-1 service. Those limitations and disclaimers are contained in your service contract for VoIP Services, so please read these carefully.


28. Rewave Inc. Does Not Support Operator Assisted or 1-900 calls.
rewave Inc.’s VOIP Voice Service does not support 0+ or operator assisted calls (Including and not limited to collect calls and third-party billing calls). Additionally, the VOIP Voice Service does not support 1-900 calls/services. The VOIP Voice Service does support 411 calls (411 calls are charged at a rate to be determined from time to time by rewave Inc.), and 311 calls are supported where available. The VOIP Voice Service may support certain calling card calls and/or company flat rate calling services (dialing requirements dependent), but it will not support 10-10 dial, around long-distance services.  


29. Porting
29. a) Number Transfer (“porting to rewave Inc.”).
If the subscriber wishes to transfer/port a current telephone number to rewave Inc., the subscriber must provide authorization in a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and submit it to rewave Inc. first. The LOA will permit rewave Inc. to contact subscriber’s current carrier and request porting of the number to the rewave Inc. network. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to cancel the service agreement with the current carrier once informed that the port is complete by rewave Inc.

rewave Inc. is not responsible for numbers that are lost, charges that are Incurred for telephone number reclamations, or any other porting charges should the subscriber cancel service before the port is complete. If a number transfer is rejected due to information provided by the subscriber, rewave Inc. reserves the right to charge a $50 fee for port rejection.

29. b) Number Transfer from rewave Inc. (“porting out”). If the subscriber decided to switch to another service provider, the subscriber may request to transfer, or “port out”, the telephone number supplied by rewave Inc. to another service provider. If the subscriber requests a new service provider to port a number from rewave Inc., it is recommended that the subscriber contact rewave Inc. after the port is complete so that rewave Inc. can ensure the accurate cancellation of billing. The subscriber will remain responsible for any fees/charges associated with said number until the service is terminated. If the subscriber’s service has been suspended due to non-payment, rewave Inc. may deny the port-out request at their discretion. If a port is unsuccessful for any reason, the service and this agreement will not terminate, and the subscriber will continue to be responsible for charges associated with the service and the subscriber’s account.
29. c) Directory listing. All telephone numbers that the subscriber obtains in connection with Voice Services will not be listed in any telephone directories.


30. Calling Plans & Acceptable Usage
a) Details for long distance services Included with the VOIP Voice Service: Calls made to locations that not Included in the VOIP Voice Service are charged to the subscriber’s account in accordance with rewave Inc’s terms and conditions.
30. b) Areas excluded from rewave Inc’s Canada and free United States calling plans Include: Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Hawaii, and Alaska).
30. c) Acceptable Usage. rewave Inc.’s Acceptable Use Policy helps subscribers understand the permissible and intended use of its services, and to prevent fraud and abuse of unlimited calling plans and features. Unlimited long-distance plans are intended for residential and personal, non-commercial use. Only the account holder and/or residential family members are permitted use.


31. Installation.
The subscriber is responsible for the installation of the VOIP Voice Service. Subscriber can request a technician, in which case rewave Inc. will arrange an authorized installer to perform the work. This will be billed directly to the subscriber by the rewave Inc. authorized installer. Rewave Inc. standard pricing does not Include upgrades in wiring, cabling, routers or additional equipment needed for the subscriber’s home to be readied for installation. Subscriber is responsible to make and pay for any necessary changes/upgrades. If the subscriber fails to provide, ready or maintain the location(s) and facilities for the installation of VOIP Voice Services, rewave Inc. will not be liable for resulting delays in commencing services, service interruption, and/or related damages, and the subscriber will be liable for additional costs Incurred by rewave Inc. to successfully install or restore these services.


32. Fraudulent Content
The subscriber is responsible for the distribution of fraudulent materials if communicated. rewave Inc. reserves the right to bill a subscriber’s credit card if violation results in costs of any kind to rewave Inc.


33. Restricted Content
The subscriber will not post or transmit any of the following restricted contents: Illegal and/or unethical activities Including violations of privacy, pornography, obscenity, nudity, hacking, computer viruses, and any harmful matter as determined by rewave Inc. Subscriber agrees to indemnify and hold rewave Inc. non-liable for any claim resulting from subscriber publications or said restricted matter.


34. ReConnect Limit Minimum
The subscriber understands they cannot log back on for a period of one (1) minute following the termination of an online session.


35. Email Account
rewave Inc. cannot provide email accounts.


36. Equipment
a) Certain services offer the subscriber the option of purchasing/renting hardware or equipment from rewave Inc.
36. b) Equipment is to be operated in compliance with the general specifications and standards of the manufacturer and applicable laws. The subscriber will use provided equipment in the manner for which it is designed with respect.
36. c) For rented equipment, the subscriber will not sell, lease or dispose of the equipment (or any of its components) and will keep equipment free of impediments. Purchased and paid for equipment is excluded.
36. d) The subscriber bears the risk of losses, destruction, or confiscation of equipment once equipment is delivered to their address.
36. e) The subscriber will not alter the equipment’s components, software, firmware or any other piece of the equipment, excluding what is provided on rewave Inc.’s support page. Any modifications beyond this can hinder function of equipment and will not be supported by rewave Inc. If these alterations prevent/alter the capacity of the modem, the subscriber will be charged repair fees as determined by rewave Inc. If the modem is unrepairable, the subscriber is responsible for loss and must pay the full purchase price of the equipment(s).
36. f) For modem exchanges, the subscriber will be charged a modem exchange fee of $25 in addition to shipping/delivery fees for new equipment and/or return of previous equipment.
36. g) In terminating this agreement, or certain service hereunder, the subscriber forfeits all equipment(s). Equipment(s) must be returned to rewave Inc. within fifteen (15) business days from termination date, failing which, the subscriber will be charged the full purchase price of said equipment. Returned equipment must Include all components, original cables and power adapters, without damage.
36. h) rewave Inc. does not support the use of third-party hardware supplied outside of rewave Inc.
36. i) Purchased hardware Includes a one (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. Defective hardware can be exchanged within that time period. Subscriber is responsible for shipping/delivery fees.


37. Service Specifications
a) Service speed depends on advertised upload/download speeds listed on rewave Inc.’s website, i.e., the speed “up to 10 Mbps” means the subscriber can expect speeds up to 10Mbps or less.
37. b) Rewave Inc. does not make guarantees for speed of the subscriber’s connection as speeds vary on external factors outside of rewave Inc.’s control.
37. c)Rewave Inc. strives to deliver and install services by the activation date. However, delays can occur due to external factors i.e. subscriber’s availability or the acts of third-party suppliers/providers. Rewave Inc. cannot guarantee services will be delivered and installed by a specific activation date.


38. Service Installation and Technician Appointments
a) If a technician(s) must be dispatched to the subscriber’s premise, the subscriber will be notified by rewave Inc. and agrees upon a specific date and time frame, and it is expected that someone will be home on that date during that time frame in order for the technician to access the premise. If no one is home and the technician can not gain access to the household, the subscriber will be charged a $25 fee. This fee also applies if the technician is refused access to the premise for any other reason.
38. b) Additional wiring and/or termination of circuits past the subscriber demarcation point will be the subscriber’s sole responsibility. In the event the subscriber requests other wiring work to be performed by rewave Inc., this work will be performed by a rewave Inc. authorized installer and will be invoiced to the subscriber by the rewave Inc. authorized installer.


39. Subscriber Responsibilities
a) The subscriber is responsible for acquiring and maintaining software required to make use of the rewave Inc. connection. rewave Inc. cannot provide warranties for Internet, email, or other connection software subscriber runs on their computer(s). rewave Inc. assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of said software.
39. b) It is the subscriber’s responsibility to ensure use of their account does not result in damage/disruption to rewave Inc’s Internet services. 


40. Service Support
a) rewave Inc. will offer support for configurations of Internet but cannot provide support for other system software.
40. b) rewave Inc. will support purchased or rented DSL hardware from rewave Inc., but cannot support hardware purchased or rented externally.


41. Minimum System Requirements
The subscriber is responsible for ensuring that their computer meets minimum system requirements. If said computer or other hardware does not meet these requirements, rewave Inc. is not responsible for connection challenges experienced.


42. Resale
Resale of rewave Inc. bandwidth or any other part of the high-speed service is strictly prohibited.


Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions establish the full and entire agreement between the subscriber and rewave Inc. and supersede any/all prior agreements regarding these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Still have questions?

Go ahead, call us at 1 888 123 4568, or email support@rewave.ca.