Privacy Policy


Rewave Inc. ensures the security of your personal information and it will not be disclosed without obtaining consent. Personal information includes: name, address, telephone number(s), and payment/billing information.




Rewave Inc. complies to industry standard securities to ensure that your personal information is protected from unauthorized access, disclosure, theft, and misuse. Digital files (personal information sent via email/online) are in restricted access storage and secured with appropriate firewall infrastructure.

Hard copies containing personal information are in locked filing cabinets.
Access is also restricted. These practices are updated as technologies change and improve.


Collection and Use of Personal Information


Rewave Inc. collects personal information only as it pertains to providing rewave services. This includes: name, civic and mailing address, telephone number(s), email address, credit card and/or banking information.




Rewave Inc. may disclose personal information for the following:

  • To ensure subscriber’s requested services are delivered (e.g., address, name, telephone number, and email for requested ATOP TV service will be provided to ATOP TV for service delivery).
  • To investigate potentially fraudulent activity with your account/services.
  • To relay important information about our services applicable or beneficial to you.
  • To resolve outstanding balances on subscriber accounts when unpaid for lengthy periods, external collections agencies may be involved.
  • To address requests required by law.


Right to Refuse Disclosure


You have the right to refuse or withdraw disclosure of personal information.  However, this will affect our ability to provide any services which require third party disclosure.




Rewave Inc.’s website uses cookies ( small text data generated by a website and saved by your web browser) for the following:

  • To save preferences (e.g., province selection).
  • To maintain/improve site functionality.
  • To generate statistics for marketing and web traffic measurement.
  • You can control cookie settings on your computer by changing references in your browser menu.




If you have questions or concerns relating to this policy, please direct them to: