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rewave is the newest and most affordable telecommunications provider in Nova Scotia and Ontario.

We did our research, removed the extra bits, and bundled all the best parts of Internet, TV, and phone to create a better telecommunications experience.



We are family people, and small business owners. We have struggled with the frustrations of unreliable telecommunications in our homes and offices. We have paid the over-the-top fees for service calls, added wifi extenders, 1,000 redundant channels, and outrageous long- distance calls.


We knew there had to be a better way to surf, talk, and watch – and we were right.


How Long Does It Take?

Only ten to fourteen business days. You sign up, we bundle and ship.


How Does it Work?


From homework research, to Netflix and gaming, our affordable Internet service will work for your family. As soon as you sign up and pay your start up invoice – we package your Internet bundle and ship you our super speedy wireless Arris modem, or Hitron modem and wifi-router (depending on availability). On installation day, plug it in and follow our simple set up instructions. You’re ready to go!


Technician Visits are required if coax cables are not already installed in your home. This is no extra cost to you! Once the coax is installed and the line is live, you will be able to plug in your modem and connect to your network. Tech visits are scheduled in time ranges, ie. 12noon-5pm or 9am-12noon. Due to the nature of their work, we are unable to schedule exact times.



We provide all of our customers with an Internet modem as a free monthly rental. Which means, it’s of no cost to customers, but must be returned upon termination of services.

*All equipment must be returned to Rewave upon termination of services. If not returned, the full purchase price will be charged to the customer’s account.



Instead of traditional phone line calling, our VoIP service allows you to make calls using Internet. You can port your current number and use your current phone. Plug it in to the phone port on your modem. Don’t worry, it comes with instructions and works exactly like a traditional phone minus the cost. And, it’s portable! Bring your ATA adapter (Analog Telephone Adapter provided with service order) with you when you travel, and plug it in to any high-speed modem. Voila, portable anytime calling.



The innovative ATOP app gives you access to our amazing channel selection. It can be self-installed on up to 3 TVs in your home with your Roku or Apple TV. Apple 4 and Roku 3 are compatible with rewave tv. Real, licensed TV that is affordable.

Don’t have a Roku or Apple TV?

These streaming devices can be purchased at most major shopping centers and range in price. Rewave does not provide Roku or Apple TV products.

This TV service does not currently provide PVR/DVR functions.


How Do We Sign Up?

  1. Start by selecting the Internet Service you want to use for your province: Nova Scotia Internet or Ontario Internet. This will be added to your cart.
  2. On the next page add the Voice and TV Packages you want to use.
  3. Then add any extra channel bundles or individual channels to customize your subscription.
  4. When you are ready Check Out and we’ll take care of the rest!


No Contracts. No Limitations. No Catch. Just Surf, Talk, and Watch.

TIP: If you are getting rewave Voice Service and want to keep your number, we will provide you with the needed paperwork and complete the number port for you. Don’t forget to call your former provider and cancel their service AFTER we have ported your number.

How Do We Pay?

We accept Visa and MasterCard via our web site.

Have questions? Email for any billing inquiries.

If We Don’t Like it, Can We Cancel?

Yes. If for any reason rewave doesn’t work for you, call to cancel. Give us 10 (ten) days notice for processing. It’s that easy. No contracts, remember?

Please note: Start up fees paid upon initial sign up are only refundable before activation has been completed. Once Internet has been installed/activated – the start up fee is non-refundable.

Check out our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Still have questions?

Email us at